About Teacher Precious

Express, Enjoy, Empower through Art

Everyone can be artistic and creative. It’s just that everyone needs a little encouragement.

Hello, world! I’m Teacher Precious!

I'm an author, and content creator, and art teacher for learners of all abilities.

I help create the artists of tomorrow by encouraging teachers, parents, and students to

Express their ideas,

Enjoy the process, and

Empower each other through

Art that comes from the heart.

Art Workshop for public school teachers in Region10 Misamis Oriental by the Philippine Advocacy for the Arts Foundation (PAAFI) 2018

Since 2010, I have been passionately advocating for the use of art and creativity as essential tools in the teaching and learning process for students and teachers across the Philippines. This led me to pursue Art Education at Nara University of Education in Japan as a MEXT scholar. I obtained my degree in Secondary Education major in SPED from UP Diliman, and to have an understanding of different artistic approaches, I expanded my knowledge and skills in Fine Arts as my second degree.

 In 2010, I achieved 6th place in the Physical Sciences category of the Licensure Exam for Teachers (L.E.T.). That same year, I had the opportunity to conduct my first Art workshop for teachers at MindGym Philippines as a LET review lecturer.  

Since 2014, I have been working with children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and ADHD. This experience has allowed me to understand their unique learning needs and challenges, and how art can be a powerful tool for their self-expression and growth. In 2017, I played a role in the development of their artistic potential through the Nilay Art exhibit. As the former Art Teacher and Program Leader of the Visual and Performing Arts at One World School Makati, we proudly showcased our students' strengths, interests, and unique artistic processes. Our aim was to emphasize authenticity and self-expression, recognizing that everyone with different abilities can  make meaningful contributions to society. Currently, I help empower children with Autism in expressing themselves through Art at DevHub Center for Intervention in BGC. Here, I conduct one-on-one sessions, providing individualized support tailored to their specific needs.  

 As a content creator, I host an online show called Knowledge Channel's ART SMART, which is live-streamed every Friday. Through this platform, I educate viewers about the world of art, sharing tips, techniques, and inspirations to foster creativity.

 Furthermore, I have authored a book titled "Teaching Visual Arts in the Elementary Grades," published by REX Publishing, where I offer strategies for educators wanting to incorporate visual arts into their teaching.  

I am also a member of the International Society for Education through Art (INSEA), former Head of the UP Artists' Circle and currently  in my fourth term as the secretary-general of the Philippine Association of Japanese Government Scholars (PHILAJAMES).  

Through my art classes I aim to encourage positivity through creativity.  I teach with a smile. I love what I do.  I connect and guide people of any age and ability through beginner-friendly, artful learning 

Nilay Art Exhibit of One World School Students, NOVA Gallery, Makati City 2017
The PHILIPPLINE STAR news article
INQUIRER news article

Philippine Art Awards' Art and Design Fundamentals for Public School Teachers, Yuchengco Museum, Makati City 2018

This module aims to equip elementary art teachers with both the whys and hows of conducting engaging, effective, and fun art classes in a formal or informal classroom setting. In this module, we will examine and discuss the K to 12 Art curriculum, instructional planning, teaching strategies, and art appreciation and assessment. Written for aspiring art teachers, this module explains how to choose appropriate activities, how to plan effectively, and how to ultimately enjoy the process of teaching Art in the classroom despite limited resources. The authors hope that this module will be of help in enlightening teachers to the process of art creation and self-expression, and that they will in turn pass them on to their students.
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Division of Quezon City Public Schools Art Workshop for Non-Art Majors Teaching MAPEH. 2017

 . Art Workshop for Public School teachers in Laguna by the Philippine Art Awards with her fellow SPED-ART advocate, Teacher Don Grajo 2018

Art Teach Program in Ilocos Region (PAAFI)

Art workshop for the children of farmers Region 10 (PAAFI)

Lecture workshop for teachers at MindGym Quezon City 2013

Art Integration in Content Areas UP Diliman 2016

Art Workshop for Teachers Misamis Oriental Region 10

Presentation about the situation of Art Education for Individuals with Special Needs in the Philippines ACOPEI Congress 2018

With her adviser from Nara University and Art Education Mentors from INSEA 2017

International Society of Education through Art Congress, Korea 2017

My story

I grew up in a simple family and was the eldest among four siblings. My mother, a public school science teacher, influenced me to develop my love for learning. I became so interested in Science and at the age of six, decided I will also become a teacher like my mom. But life wasn't so easy for us at that time. 

In grade school, I had never experienced any formal Art classes or workshops except for the times I observed my father do portraits or paintings at home. My father, a self-employed portrait artist was my first mentor in Art. I learned how to be creative and resourceful from him who was an excellent craftsman, doing makeshift furniture at home, improvising, and fixing broken stuff. Making the most of what we have was the family mantra since we cannot afford to buy new stuff. I saw the limitation of resources as the source of my creativity; twenty plus years of constantly finding ways to make things work. I learned to be proactive, to always find solutions to problems, and to transform mistakes into learning experiences.

My positive attitude and love for learning paved the way to make the most out of my education. Joining the art club in high school further developed my talent and skill in Art, enabling our team to compete and win at the national level. My passion for Science helped me pass the college entrance exam. Initially, I wanted to pursue a degree in Fine Arts, but the only way I can afford college is through a scholarship. And the only scholarship available for me at that time was for Education majors only. I had to be practical. Being the eldest, I had to set aside my dream of studying Fine Arts and pursue a teaching career first. I majored in Special Education because I thought it was unique at that time, and my little knowledge about it made me curious. It opened my eyes to the struggles of parents and children with special needs, but at the same time, it showed me their unique and wonderful world through art. This is where my life as a special education art teacher started.

Despite my circumstances, I tried my best to make the most out of my life's challenges. With the help of my family's love and support, including the people and institutions that helped me, I was able to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher and an artist. I aim to give back this blessing by being of service to others; by sharing my knowledge and skills, encouraging positive change in people's lives through Art.

Express, Enjoy, Empower through Art